Wonder What The License Will Look Like

Because you know that putting appliances out there that have the DVDCCA algorithms will tempt a lot of reverse engineering: Coming soon — a DVD burner for movie downloadspdf

The technology opens the door for download services from the likes of Amazon.com Inc. and Wal-Mart Inc. to let customers burn movies they buy to DVD, then watch them on television or portable DVD players. Those services still represent only a fraction of the revenue generated by movie rentals and sales.

“It removes the last real obstacle toward on-demand movie purchase,” said Van Baker of Gartner Inc. “You dont have to go to a store anymore. You can just log on, say “I want this for my library, and away you go.”

[…] Jim Taylor, a Sonic Solutions senior vice president, said consumers would need special DVD burners and recordable discs that use its technology, although the discs would play on standard DVD players. Those products probably won’t appear in stores until early next year, he said.

Electronics manufacturers such as Pioneer Corp. and PC maker Dell Inc. have announced support for the technology.

The major Hollywood studios have insisted on anti-piracy protection identical to that offered on DVDs before they would permit online movie services to let consumers make copies of mainstream movies.