2002 May 22 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-05-22 23:27:08)

A busy day on other things, so nothing here yet. Of course, I’ve seen a couple things, so I hope to get them posted later tonight – after another bike ride (Cambridge weather is finally starting to resemble spring again!)

Also, for those who are interested, the RSS feed now actually works (a problem with a server environment variable is “fixed” – I just forced the variable to be what it should be instead of trying to figure out the necessary Apache environment variables <G>). I’ll be a little more assiduous tomorrow, but I’m getting tired!

UPDATE: OK – added a few things, although it is a little Slashdot-heavy. On the other hand, having looked around this late at night, I got the jump on the New York Times edition for tomorrow!

(7 items listed below)

  • Slashdot interviews the general manager of SomaFM, one of the webcasting operations whose financial picture may have gotten a little better with yesterday’s rejection of CARP webcasting royalties. Of course, as the Wired.com article points out, it may be that the RIAA petition is the one that the Copyright Office will be the one supported.

  • Slashdot has a discussion of a news item added earlier about the submission of several amicus curiae briefs by supporters of the Eldred lawsuit. GrepLaw also has a piece with more links.

  • Law.com reports that the idea of an Internet FAQ is not copyrightable, but the actual text of a specific FAQ may be (not actually decided – at least in the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.) Slashdot has a discussion.

  • To learn the collective mind of the geekworld on the subject of IP, take a look at this Slashdot discussion.

  • In distinction with the (lazy/ignorant/worse?) record companies, Amy Harmon’s article in the Times discusses some interesting ways that advertisers are planning to use the technologies in Tivo and ReplayTV to get some “eyeballs” back. (And Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets a little plug!)

  • Here’s an article from a week ago that I missed in the NYTimes – a record store using MP3s to sell records – what a weird idea!

  • John Borland has an article on ZDNet that says that KaZaa and Morpheus are getting ready to concede in their court battle; seems they’re running out of money. Of course, they said the same thing about Napster.