The DVD Burner Comes of Age?

The DVDCCA blinks? We’ll have to see, but I doubt it. In particular, the only way that I can imagine that copies can’t be made is by “stamping” the copies with something unique to a particular player — meaning that you might end up keeping a LOT of DVD players around to keep accessing what you paid to download. It will be interesting to see whether the equipment manufacturers got them to give them a way around that, because otherwise the rate of turnover of DVD players among movie downloaders is going to fall dramatically: Downloads of movies get a boostpdf

The organization that licenses DVD security software cleared the way Thursday for movies bought over the Internet to be burned onto a DVD that can play on any machine — a move that could dramatically change the way movies are sold.

Industry executives hailed the decision by the DVD Copy Control Assn. to license software designed to allow content to be burned to one disc but not copied to others.