MediaDefender Not Meeting The Challenge

Of course, how could anyone? Leaked e-mails reveal MediaDefender’s antipiracy woes

“We’re still not seeing you guys perform well on Soulseek (peer-to-peer file-sharing community),” a Sony executive said in an e-mail that was viewed by CNET “Can you please investigate the problem and actually solve it (going on months now). In my most recent search I selected Beyonce(‘s) “Beautiful Liar” and was able to download almost everything.

“If you can’t provide a good solution,” continued the Sony executive, “we will either have to request serious credits or pull this network from your services. As it stands right now it’s a waste of our resources at this level of protection.”

So how did the file-sharing hunter become the hunted, apparently attacked by a group calling itself the MediaDefender-Defenders? Give credit (or blame) to a technology battle in which widely scattered file sharers are outmaneuvering entertainment conglomerates.