Another Try at eBooks

Envisioning the Next Chapter for Electronic Books — Personally, I’m with Michael Gartenberg, I just don’t see the value proposition for most book applications. Granted, I’m an old guy, but I think most people understand the problems not only associated with the degree to which ebooks are encumbered by things like DRM, but also with the fact that the technology moves so fast that there’s no guarantee that the ebook they buy today will even be readable a decade from now — not really a problem with books, at least on that time horizon!

“Books represent a pretty good value for consumers. They can display them and pass them to friends, and they understand the business model,” said Michael Gartenberg, research director at Jupiter Research, who is skeptical that a profitable e-book market will emerge anytime soon.

“We have had dedicated e-book devices on the market for more than a decade, and the payoff always seems to be just a few years away,” he said.