Fudd’s First Law of Opposition (updated)

If you push something hard enough, it will fall over” — Firesign Theatre: Microsoft Favored to Win Open Document Vote

Amid intense lobbying, Microsoft is expected to squeak out a victory this week to have its open document format, Office Open XML, recognized as an international standard, people tracking the vote said Monday.

The move would help Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, maintain its competitive advantage in the expanding field of open document formats.

Later — wow! Who’d a thunk it?! Panel Rejects Microsoft’s Open Format

Tom Robertson, Microsoft’s general manager for interoperability and standards, predicted that Microsoft’s format would be eventually adopted.

“Open XML is already widely available and is being used by Apple and Novell,” he said. “It is in the Palm operating system, and in the Java and Linux operating environments.”

Some critics of Microsoft blamed the company’s own aggressive lobbying for its defeat.