Developing Independent Distribution

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A full-time career in music seemed unlikely for Chris O’Brien, or at least one that would pay the bills.

But these days, the 27-year-old Medford musician is selling thousands of albums online, along with downloads from his debut CD, “Lighthouse,” and he soon plans to offer T-shirts, tickets, and other merchandise on his MySpace page and personal website.

He credits at least part of his newfound business acumen to nimbit, a sales, promotion, and distribution company in Framingham that helps emerging artists build careers online.

“This is the era of the independent artist,” O’Brien said. “It’s easier and more doable than it ever has been. People are opting to remain independent because there’s a lot more money to be had.”

[…] “Increasingly, recording artists and consumers are uniting and circumventing traditional channels for creating and distributing music,” said Mike Goodman, a media and entertainment analyst at Yankee Group in Boston. “These days, musicians can do business directly with consumers. They don’t need a recording label. They don’t need a store. They don’t need Ticketmaster, the way they used to.”