A Judicial First

Author Protests ‘Cyber-Stalker’pdf

There’s no mystery about it. Patricia Cornwell knows whodunit, and she wants him to stop.

The best-selling crime author has filed a federal lawsuit against a lesser-known Virginia author, asking the court to force him to stop writing “defamatory and contemptuous” material about her on the Internet, including calling her racist and claiming she stole part of his novel.

[…] After the injunction was issued, Sachs was legally bound to stop his behavior toward her. But he didn’t, and instead his blogs grew to include new libelous claims against her, hurting her reputation and causing her emotional distress, according to the most recent suit filed in U.S. District Court in Richmond on April 23.

[…] Cornwell’s attorneys said that there is no record of Sachs registering with Belgian authorities to live there and that they searched for him in Virginia, sending the sheriff’s office to his last known residence, but no one there knew him.

A judge allowed them to serve him with the lawsuit by e-mail, a first for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, Lukey said.

Lukey added that she knows Sachs received the e-mail because he replied immediately.

Obsessive *and* stupid — not a particularly good combination, IMHO.