Never Thought About It That Way

A chilling statistic to me (though I’m sure it makes EMC happy) from an article on the challenges facing firms: Report: E-Mail Archiving Becoming a Must

People are sending and receiving more—and digitally heavier—e-mails now as opposed to past years, the study says. According to Radicati’s research, in 2007 a typical corporate account generates about 18MB of mail and attachments per business day, or about 4.3GB of electronic data per user/per year.

This number is expected to grow to over 28MB per day (or 6.7GB per year) by 2011, Radicati said.

With a little thought, it turns out that that number is not as crazy as it seems. I’m actually afraid to calculate the number from my archives; I’m sure I’m on the heavy end, and I’m not really a corporate account.