Sorry, Everybody

For those few of you who are still putting up with this blog, please know that I, too, am completely frustrated with the abysmal performance of this site over the last month. I have been trying to figure out why WordPress has become so incredibly sluggish on this machine, but other than narrowing it down to the MySQL server, I’m not making a lot of headway — particularly since I do have other demands on my time.

I expect that I’ll keep pounding away at this, and maybe I’ll get it resolved. My great fear is that there’s been a mangling of the databases during the latest WordPress upgrade, and I have only retained so many backups. The fact that certain diagnostics suggest that there are some JOINs without INDEXes going on is certainly disheartening (i.e., select_full_join <> 0).

For those few of you who are putting up with the sluggishness, thanks, and I am trying. Anyone out there who has suggestions, I’m getting desperate and will listen to just about anything at this point.