A © Strategy For Developing Countries?

Make sure that it’s first world subsidiaries who are penalized? Yahoo China loses music piracy casepdf

The lawsuit filed by the International Federation of Phonographic Industries accused Yahoo China of violating copyrights because its search engine linked to sites that carried 229 pirated songs. It was filed on behalf of 11 recording companies including Sony BMG, Warner Music, EMI and Universal Vivendi.

“We’re very pleased with the outcome,” said Leong May Seey, Asia regional director for the federation. “We think it is a step in the right direction in creating a legitimate online music service in China.”

[…] Yahoo China said it would appeal and stressed its respect for intellectual property rights.

“We will appeal this decision because we believe Yahoo China’s music search service both meets and exceeds the relevant legal standards for intellectual property protection,” a company statement said. “An important principle is at stake in this case – search engine operators should not be held liable for content posted on third-party Web sites.”