Opening A Door To Innovation

The FCC’s rejection defines the parameters of a technical problem that probably could be solved. But, do you really *want* cellphone use on an airplane? Chief Says F.C.C. Is Against Cellphone Use on Airliners

The Federal Communications Commission will give up on the idea of allowing cellphone use on airplanes, the chairman said on Thursday, because it is not clear whether the network on the ground can handle the calls.

While the chairman, Kevin J. Martin, cited a technical reason, thousands of air passengers have written to the F.C.C., urging rejection of the proposal because of the potential for irritating passengers in airline cabins. The Federal Aviation Administration had been laying the groundwork to allow in-flight cellphone use

Later: A Flood of Pleas to F.C.C.: No Phones on Planes, Please Is this really what the FCC is supposed to be considering?