More 2002 May 13 links

(entry last updated: 2002-05-13 23:18:45)

Unbelievable! All I had to do was check into things while waiting for a late night telephone call, and all sorts of links appeared! On the other hand, I’m still getting the hang of using this weblog, so I lost my first pass at the list. But, I think I have put everything back.

(7 items listed below)

  • An update to a article about putting images into digital music. Slashdot discusses the article as an application of steganography in digital music.
  • More irony from the realm of the DMCA. Sony has served Blizzard with a DMCA cease and desist upon the discovery that there was a major in-house P2P system sharing MP3s. Now maybe they know what the bnetd guys are going through. Slashdot has a discussion, too.
  • The New York Times has an article on the fact that, in spite of the concerns raised at the time, the Yahoo privacy policy change has not had much fallout. Slashdot agrees.
  • Those pesky CD copy protection technologies are getting more press. The Celine Dion CD has demonstrably caused problems, as well as those of her sisters Shakira and J-Lo. The Slashdot discussion has links to other topics, including how to beat some the systems, and it is itself a followup to earlier discussions.
  • An article in MacUser UK talks about the problem, as well as the Apple posting on the tech support boards.
  • The Register has an article examining the likelihood that pending EU legislation will match (or exceed) the DMCA anti-circumvention provisions for digital media.
  • Finally, Time Magazine has an article about and how they take the record companies out of music distribution.