Anshe Chung and © Fight

I found this through a look at this weekend’s SomethingAwful SecondLife Safari column, but this Age article is a good summary: Anshes kinky past revealed

In November, Anshe announced that she had accumulated computer-generated assets worth the equivalent of more than $US1 million (in real money), making her – according to her press release – the world’s first virtual world millionaire.

The claims of the avatar’s past have come to light after a series of attempts by her company, Anshe Chung Studios, to cajole blogs and websites into removing images and video of a recent attack on her by hackers backfired.

[…] In recent weeks, Guntram Graef, the chief executive of Anshe Chung Studios, has been trying to smother images and video of an attack by hackers who sabotaged a recent appearance by Anshe inside Second Life.

In December, Anshe was holding a Q&S session in an auditorium inside Second Life owned by the technology publisher CNET when the hackers – known as griefers because they cause grief – unleased a phalanx of flying phalluses.

[…] Anshe Chung Studios also lobbied YouTube, the video sharing site owned by Google, to remove two videos that contained footage of the attack.

The Graefs claimed to own copyright over the images of Anshe Chung and that the videos (and images taken from the videos) were unlawful under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

After receiving an email from a lawyer from the US-based Electronic Frontier Foundation that the videos fell under the “fair use” provisions of the act, the complaint was withdrawn and at least one of the videos was restored.