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  • Tech firms, rights groups to form Web conduct codepdf

    Technology companies Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Vodafone are in talks with human rights and press freedom groups to draw up an Internet code of conduct to protect free speech and privacy of Web users.

    The parties said in a statement on Friday they aim to produce a code by the end of this year that would counter such trends as the increased jailing of Internet journalists, monitoring of legitimate online activity, and censorship.

  • Artists ponder future of digital Mona Lisaspdf

    Today, a growing number of artists use computers to create, and with technology changing fast, their digital visions could face obsolescence in just a few years.

    “I often joke with my students that digital media will last forever — or for five years, whichever comes first,” said Richard Rinehart, digital media director at the Berkeley university’s Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive.