Here We Go Again

Media, tech firms probe possible high-def DVD hackpdf

The companies behind an encryption system for high-definition DVDs are looking into a hacker’s claim that he has cracked the code protecting the new discs from piracy, a spokesman for one of the companies said on Thursday.

[…] If the encryption code has been cracked, then any high-definition DVD released up to now can be illegally copied using the Muslix64 “key,” according to technology experts.

Jeff Moss, organizer of Defcon, the world’s largest hacking convention, said in an interview that Muslix64 appears to have found a real breach in the encryption system.

Slashdot’s discussion: HD-DVD and Blu-Ray AACS DRM Cracked; see the YouTube movie here

Later (2007-01-01): Studios’ DVDs Face a Crack in Security

Later (2007-01-26), confirmation: AACS confirms hacks on high-definition DVD playerspdf