“Cool!” — But How Does It Work?

And why I should care: Nike+iPod raises RFID privacy concerns

“Basically, the kit contains a transmitter that you stick in your sneakers and a receiver you attach to your iPod. This allows you to track things like time, distance, pace and calories burned. Pretty clever,” Schneier wrote on a blog post titled “Tracking People by their Sneakers,” published Tuesday. “However, it turns out that the transmitter in your sneaker can be read up to 60 feet away.”

[…] “To me, the real significance of this work is how easy it was,” Schneier said. “Unless we enact some sort of broad law requiring companies to add security into these sorts of systems, companies will continue to produce devices that erode our privacy through new technologies. Not on purpose, not because they’re evil–just because it’s easier to ignore the externality than to worry about it.”

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