Hey, It’s *Their* Movie!

Motion Picture Studios File Suit To Stop Ripping of DVDS to Portable Video Players

In Paramount Pictures v. Load ‘N Go Video, the motion picture studios have brought legal action against a small company that has loaded DVDs onto personal video players for its customers. Specifically, according to the lawsuit, Load ‘N Go Video sells DVDs and iPods to its customers, and loads the DVDs onto the iPods for customers who purchase both. The motion picture studios assert that this practice violates the Copyright Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

[…] The key point for Load ‘N Go Video will be that its customers purchased both the DVDs and the portable video players. Thus, Load ‘N Go Video simply has saved the customers the time and hassle of themselves loading the content they paid for on the portable video players they also purchased.

Taking the motion picture studios’ argument to its extreme, a buyer on his own could be subject to legal liability for at home ripping purchased DVDs onto a purchased portable video player without first seeking permission or purchasing the content again for specific use on the portable video player. One wonders whether a court would embrace such an argument taken to its extreme.