Dahlia Calls ‘Em Like She Sees ‘Em

And she sees something really, really ugly: The blind leading the willing

For the five years since 9/11, we have been in the dark in this country. This president has held detainees in secret prisons and had them secretly tortured using secret legal justifications. Those held in secret at Guantanamo Bay include innocent men, as do those who have been secretly shipped off to foreign countries and brutally tortured there. That was a shame on this president.

But passage of the new detainee legislation will be a different sort of watershed. Now we are affirmatively asking to be left in the dark. Instead of torture we were unaware of, we are sanctioning torture we’ll never hear about. Instead of detainees we didn’t care about, we are authorizing detentions we’ll never know about. Instead of being misled by the president, we will be blind and powerless by our own choice. And that is a shame on us all.

*This* is governing?

See also today’s tilt at the windmill: Photo Finish: How the Abu Ghraib photos morphed from scandal to law

*Sigh* My representative voted against this, and I assume that my senators will as well (they did). But, given that we have a populace that can rouse moral outrage over so many things, why is this bill, corrosive to everything that America stands for, getting a pass?