Internet Video and Music Promotion

Internet Is Seizing the Spotlight in the Live-Music Business

The buzz for Mr. Campion’s new band, and others like it, is one reason why the Internet is seizing the spotlight in the live-music business — again. A dot-com-era bid by concert promoters to market live gigs online fizzled out. But now concert Webcasts and vintage performance clips are gaining new currency. An array of players — from independent record labels to major concert promoters — are drawing up plans to capitalize on fans’ appetites for everything from the latest club shows in Hollywood to decades-old film of the Grateful Dead in Copenhagen.

The promise of live-performance video has been gaining followers as more households sign up for broadband Internet access, and it leapt forward last summer when America Online drew an estimated 90 million views of its free Webcasts of the Live 8 concerts for Africa.