Experiments in Artist Development

Pieces of his past, now fully imaginedpdf

How the album came to be released, however, was decidedly modern. Many tracks were first available on the audio download and file-sharing website Weed ().

Then, through a friend, the music was brought to Cordless Recordings, the fledgling digital label that’s part of Warner Music Group. There, it caught the ear of Cordless founder and industry veteran Jac Holzman.

“I heard incredibly rich melodies with beautifully textured layers, and words that meant something,” says Holzman, the man who signed the Doors to Elektra in 1966 and who worked with singer-songwriters such as Carly Simon, Judy Collins and Harry Chapin. “It has a life to it, a great vitality.”

Holzman suggested Manning drop some tracks and add others, and the artist was floored by the attention.

“It was incredibly flattering to have Jac Holzman make constructive comments about my music,” he says. “I thought, for the first time I’m actually listening to a record company guy.”

[…] “We’re trying to develop fine artists at a low cost,” he says. “Roger is ideal because he is a superior writer, musician and producer; he is a self-actuating entity.”