An Odd Connection: Getting Europeans To Embrace HDTV

This is a weird article — When Will HDTV Take Root in Europe?pdf.  It starts with this blockbuster assertion:

Despite years of marketing efforts, only about 800,000 European households now receive HD programming, and only about 2 million homes own HD-ready TVs, compared with 11 million in Japan and 19 million in the U.S., according to German researcher GfK.

Now, backers of the state-of-the-art TV technology are shifting their hopes for a European HDTV breakthrough to Christmas, 2006. This time it may not be wishful thinking. The reason: In October, the first high-def DVD recorders will hit the market in Europe—and for many consumers, the crystal-clear picture quality will provide their first real demonstration of HD’s advantage.

But then it becomes a story about content (and overcoming the lack thereof), without any further discussion of the idea that it’s recording technology that has been holding the consumer market back.