More In-Game Advertising

In-Game Billboards Go Interactivepdf

Last week, Funcom and Massive announced a new sort of billboard ad in Anarchy Online. Called “interactive advertisement technology” this new feature will allow players to do more than just passively look at an ad. Instead, players can interact with the ad and see a more detailed model of the Toyota Yaris, for example.

Massive Incorporated CEO Mitch Davis commented at the time that this was “a tremendous step forward in terms of giving advertisers what they want- the ability to target the elusive male 18-34 range and allowing them to interact with the products for a more memorable experience,” and added, “This is just the beginning of interactive ads in games.”

But what does it mean for advertisers? And how will players react? We sat down with Terri Perkins, Product Manager for Funcom, and Nicholas Longano, President of New Media at Massive, to find out.

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