Gropig Toward An Online Video Model

Shows on Web Have Been More Miss Than Hit [pdf]

Yet for all their success in television and movies, they are grappling with a fundamental question: What defines a hit on the Internet?

[…] That confusion became all the more apparent Thursday when Yahoo Inc., an early favorite to navigate the complex 21st century media landscape, said it would scale back efforts to create original entertainment offerings. The decision was a turnaround for Lloyd Braun, the former ABC television executive hired in 2004 to run the company’s Santa Monica-based Yahoo Media Group.

For months, Braun spread the word that he wanted to capture mass audiences by producing new Web programming to be seen only on Yahoo. With Thursday’s shift, Braun acknowledged that his views about what it took to succeed online had changed.

“Our focus is not doing a string of one-off hits like the TV model,” said Yahoo spokeswoman Joanna Stevens, who added that the company would instead highlight content created by its millions of users as well as serve as an online distributor for traditional media companies.