Technological Access and Creation Culture

His MySpace odyssey [

Lehre first had the idea for the 11-minute short about two months ago, when he was looking to increase exposure for the films he cranks out almost weekly. Now — who knows — he could be in the early wave of unknowns trying to find a new way to break into Hollywood by winning public approval from the ground up and, as a result, gaining attention from top-tier gatekeepers.

It isn’t just major media that’s cruising the Web for content and talent. As the offerings expand for teens and twentysomethings through emerging platforms — online, on air, via broadband and with video on demand — new media outlets are looking for content. And they’re finding it among their own Generation Y viewers who are so technologically literate they’re almost like a new species — a new creative species, so familiar with computers and cameras that making videos and uploading them to the Web is about as complicated as walking and chewing gum.