Ugh — Makes Me Itch

Texas A&amp:M defends their trademark — one that I can’t find in the USPTO database (just DEAD entries), but what do I know: Trademarking your territory [pdf]

The Twelfth Man may have to work overtime going back and forth between Seattle and College Station to support two football teams.

With the Super Bowl approaching, the Seattle Seahawks’ own 12th Man flag caught the attention of Texas A&M fans who watched the Seattle team advance during the NFL playoffs.

A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne said the Office of Collegiate Licensing is working on having the Seahawks cease and desist their use of the trademark.

“We had similar situations with the Buffalo Bills and the Chicago Bears, and they responded quickly with our requests to stop using our Twelfth Man trademark,” Byrne said in his weekly update address. “But Seattle has been slow-rolling us.”

“Threepeat, threepeat, threepeat.”

Whoops — there’s ser # 1948306, reg #74560726 for jewelry, and “entertainment services, namely organizing and conducting intercollegiate sporting events” — don’t see exactly where professional sporting events enters into it…”

Later, from a Seattle paper: Seahawks’ ’12th Man’ angers A&M