2003 August 25

(entry last updated: 2003-08-25 16:35:53)

TPP Orientation today – posting will be sparse…..

  • Scooped! This is what I get for missing a couple of days of MIT’s student paper, The Tech;

    • RIAA Will Issue Second Subpoena For Identity of Music Distributor

      The Recording Industry Association of America will send MIT a second subpoena seeking the identity of a network user alleged to have been illegally “offering hundreds of copyrighted works to the world-at-large” from MIT’s network through the KaZaA file-sharing system, an RIAA spokesman said last night.

      This time, the RIAA will file the subpoena the way MIT has asked: through the federal district court in Boston, instead of Washington, D.C. MIT says it will comply with a subpoena issued through the Boston court.

      I had received an e-mail to this effect; I cannot tell if the MIT administration is going to explore the policy issues surrounding this case any further. However, note that there are some interesting procedural and evidentiary issues implicit in the following:

      MIT originally suspected a “young lady” living at TDC over the summer as being the computer’s owner, said an MIT official. But now, based on examination of the logs provided by TDC, MIT has decided a different individual is the computer’s owner. (see this earlier Furdlog entry)

      MIT officials say they are not sure the owner is actually the person who was allegedly infringing the RIAA members’ copyrights by distributing recordings on KaZaA.

    • An Issue of Security

      To all new students: Welcome to MIT. When you move into your new rooms and set up your computers, make sure your lawyer is on speed dial.

      […] But this sort of problem is omnipresent, reaching far beyond the walls of MIT. Lawsuits and intimidation are short-term approaches, and KaZaA, like Napster before it, is a relatively short-term medium.

      There can be only one true solution to the widespread problem of copyright violation: a compromise that respects the rights of artists to their work and of consumers not to be raked with bloated costs.