2003 August 20 PM

(entry last updated: 2003-08-20 17:40:15)

  • Elvis lives–on the Web

    Digital music service MusicNow and music label BMG on Tuesday announced a digital music channel showcasing more than 2,000 Elvis Presley songs.

    Dubbed “Elvis 2nd to None,” the channel features such songs as “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” “My Way” and “Suspicious Minds,” as well as albums ranging from “Elvis is Back!” to the gospel collection “How Great Thou Art.” The launch is coinciding with a new album, also called “Elvis 2nd to None,” due to be released Oct. 7. The album will contain a recently discovered Presley track, “I’m a Roustabout.”

    […] MusicNow said subscribers will be able to stream, download and burn Elvis hits in the Windows Media 9 Series format.

  • And so it starts – the push for the next music format with a rerelease of a top stars catalog: Classic Dylan Titles Get Sonic Upgrade

    With the Sept. 16 release of 15 classic Bob Dylan albums on the hybrid Super Audio CD format, Columbia/Legacy is initiating an ambitious sonic upgrade of the icon’s CD catalog. Five albums in the series are also presented, for the first time, in 5.1-channel surround sound.

    Like many current SACD titles, the Dylan series comprises dual-layer discs featuring a high-density layer carrying high-resolution, multichannel surround sound, as well as a two-channel stereo SACD version and a standard 16-bit, 44.1kHz layer. While an SACD player is required for playback of the high-resolution, multichannel layer, hybrid discs are forward- and backward-compatible, allowing playback on standard CD players.


  • From Billboard: UMG, EMI Press On With Suit Vs. Bertelsmann

    Universal Music Group, EMI and a group of music publishers filed a motion yesterday (Aug. 18) in U.S. District Court in New York to deny Bertelsmann’s request that the copyright-infringement suits be dismissed.

    The move is a response to Bertelsmann’s motion filed last month, in which it claimed that U.S. copyright law “does not permit recovery from a third-party lender for damages the plaintiffs failed to recover from Napster.” Bertelsmann also said its actions “were aimed at benefiting the entire music industry,” as its loan to Napster was “specifically earmarked” for a service “in which all the major record labels and music publishers were invited to participate.”

  • A longstanding negotiation is coming to a close? Germany – Agreement On Royalties For DVD Writers

    The amount of payment on DVD writers and combined CD and DVD writers which can be installed in, or connected to, a PC, and which can be used to write DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and/or DVD-RAM system disks, has been agreed at EUR 9.21 as a standard royalty for all rights holders, and will take effect retroactively from 1.1.2003.

  • More on the Gartner-Berkman study: GartnerG2 Says Digital Media Publishers Must Have Portable Digital Rights Management Standards Or They Risk Alienating Consumers

    The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School and GartnerG2 are hosting a one-day seminar to fully explore ways to maintain the equilibrium between technology providers, copyright holders and creators, media companies, and consumers. The event, titled “Digital Media in Cyberspace: The Legislation and its Business Effects,” [ed.note: an invitation only event] will take place September 18 at the Ames Courtroom at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Mass.

    The project: Copyright and Digital Media in a Post-Napster World

  • From MI2N: RIAA Response To Senator Coleman’s File-Sharing Inquiry

  • SFGate: Code presented in Linux dispute