Digital Promotion Blitz in Music

Pop stars tap new technology to market music [pdf]

Major artists are increasingly using the Internet, mobile phones and music appliances like Apple Computer’s iPod to generate hype and sales, combining technological advances with the traditional mainstays of live performance and interviews.

[…] “Everyone these days has a mobile phone, so for major artists, this is a perfect tool to stay in touch with the fans,” said Matthias Immel, who is involved in international marketing at T-Mobile, an arm of Germany’s Deutsche Telekom.

“There is a major trend in the music industry from physical to digital formats, and this of course will continue,” he said.

“What will happen is that mobile phones will be the dominant hardware used as digital music players. iPod is successful, but it is still a high-end device.”

The music business is only beginning to come to terms with Internet downloading, much of which has been done illegally, and piracy of physical CDs.