Mickey Kaus @ Slate on TimesSelectDelete

Still ‘Not Ready for TimesSelect’!

Conservative kf reader D.A. emails to say she has stopped “enjoying the failure of TimesSelect” and now worries that it is failing too quickly–that soon the NYT will pull the plug, restoring the reach and influence of the paper’s predominantly liberal columnists. […]

[…] A few days ago I jokingly called for replacing TimesSelect with “TimesDelete,” a service that would allow readers to pay to silence their least favorite columnists. D.A.’s email has made me realize how misdirected this proposal was. TimesSelect doesn’t need to be replaced by TimesDelete. TimesSelect is TimesDelete! The Times has taken the columnists people are most willing to pay for and removed them from the public discourse on the Web. In fact, the paper has been quite diligent about suppressing them–contrary to my expectations, Times columns are not regularly turning up on pirate Web sites.

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