2003 July 25 PM

(entry last updated: 2003-07-25 21:36:34)

  • Big Blue speaks: Linux wars: Big Blue strikes back

  • CNet: Court put Napster suit on pause. This is a little odd: the German constitution may defend Bertelsmann in the vicarious liability suits over bankrolling Napster in its declining days.

    “If lawsuits in (foreign) courts are obviously misused to bend a market player to one’s will by way of media pressure and the risk of a court order, this could violate the German constitution,” the court said in a statement late on Friday.

    The court said its emergency ruling not to allow the delivery of the charge for six months was only preliminary and that the decision on whether the lawsuit was indeed unconstitutional would have to be made after a full hearing.

  • I see that Mary has posted on last evening’s event

  • From CNet News: a landmark case in the domain name space: VeriSign to face Sex.com lawsuit

    The decision puts domain names on the same footing as ordinary, tangible property and could ultimately be hugely influential in Internet-related cases. Previously, the legal status of domain names has been uncertain, and Network Solutions has consistently argued against according domains the same kind of property protections as an automobile or piece of real estate.

  • A wealth of Slashdot topics tonight:

  • A new kind of music distribution model in SFGate – branded corporate distribution: Bands to Fit the Brand

    From offices here and in Brattleboro, Vt., Rock River has flourished while the music industry overall has choked amid declining sales and Internet file sharing.

    And it’s about to flourish more.

    Next week, when Gap Inc. introduces a CD featuring Madonna and hip-hop star Missy Elliott singing about Gap jeans — which will coincide with TV ads showing both in Gap corduroys — the San Francisco clothing chain will make a high-profile addition to a trend widely embraced in recent years.

    San Francisco’s Pottery Barn has been selling music for almost a decade, with astonishing success.