P2P Escalation

P2P users traveling by eDonkey

Last year, British company CacheLogic said BitTorrent–a peer-to-peer technology optimized for downloading large files–was accounting for more than half of all the file-swapping traffic on Internet service provider networks around the world.

A year later, peer-to-peer traffic in general continues to account for the majority of data traffic on ISP networks, usually between 50 percent and 70 percent of the total, the company said. But BitTorrent has been overtaken by usage of eDonkey, a rival with more power to search for content, but with similar speedy download features.

“That seems to be the trend most of the way around the globe, apart from Asia where there is a lot of BitTorrent,” said Andrew Parker, CacheLogic’s chief technology officer. “BitTorrent traffic levels are in decline.”

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