Desperation Yields Inanity

Oh, yeah — this should work: McCartney + Morissette Use Aliases To Fool Pirates + Thieves [via Fark]

Music industry bigwigs fear the bigger stars’ preview albums are being swiped by interns and pirated weeks before their release dates.

So, McCartney’s upcoming album has been credited to PETE MITCHELL, while Hill, Morissette and Depeche Mode are sending out their albums as FERN HOLLOWAY, ARTHUR MOORE and BLACK SWARM respectively, according to the Los Angeles Times.

[…] But the publicists admit their alias plan is far from flawless – some critics, who are inundated with albums to review, give unknown artists’ albums away or discard them.

Geffen Records publicist JIM MERLIS explains, “You can actually out-clever yourself in these situations.”

Ya think?