Something Dave Clark’s Been Talking About For A While

Early Look at Research Project to Re-engineer the Internet

The project, which has not yet received financing and may cost more than $300 million, is intended to include both a test facility and a research program. As described in documents circulated by National Science Foundation officials, the network will focus on security, “pervasive computing” environments populated by mobile, wireless and sensor networks, control of critical infrastructure and the ability to handle new services that can be used by millions of people.

Peter A. Freeman, assistant director of the science foundation for computer and information science and engineering, said that “simply to provide the kind of security everyone needs and carry the huge volumes of data necessary in the future, there was strong thinking that new architectures beyond the Internet were going to be needed.”

[…] “If you look at the Internet today, it does what it does really well,” said David Clark, a senior research scientist at the Laboratory for Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It’s profound, but we can look at it and see some things that aren’t right. The most obvious is that there is no framework for security.”

[…] “What we need to envision the future,” Mr. Clark said, is to “stop thinking about the present and saying, ‘Let’s put a Band-Aid here.’ ”

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