Dvorak: Fundamentally Foolish or Purposely Obtuse?

Having dealt with John Dvorak before, I can’t believe he really is as purposely obtuse as he makes himself out to be in his July 18th column — Creative Commons Humbug. I can’t imagine that he’s failed to see just how hard it is to get “fair use,” given that “fair use” is something that only exists as a courtroom decision. For example:

Before Creative Commons I could always ask to reuse or mirror something. And that has not changed. And I could always use excerpts for commercial or noncommercial purposes. It’s called fair use. I can still do that, but Creative Commons seems to hint that with its license means that I cannot.

What??! Talk about missing the point — maybe he should try to read just a little about the topic, before asking to be spoon-fed by others.