IFPI Piracy Report

Press release: One in three music discs is illegal but fight back starts to show results

The report, with lots of fun facts to know and tell (plus some graphics): The Recording Industry 2005 Piracy Report

Global pirate sales of music totalled an estimated 1.5 billion units in 2004, worth US$4.6 billion at pirate prices. The value of the world pirate market for music equates to the entire legitimate music markets of the UK, Netherlands and Spain combined.

Disc piracy, which makes up the bulk of the problem,grew only 2% in 2004 to 1.2 billion units. Despite this, global pirate disc sales are almost double the level of 2000, and 34% – one in three – of all music discs sold worldwide in 2004 was a pirate copy.

Sales of all pirate recordings (discs plus cassettes) fell slightly in 2004, mainly due to falling cassette piracy and, particularly in Asia, to piracy on the internet. There were stepped-up anti-piracy initiatives in several territories, including Mexico, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and Spain. However, disc piracy increased overall with particular growth in India, Eastern Europe and parts of Latin America.