Speaking of Interop and DRM….

Sony BMG Tries to Limit Copying of Latest CD’s

The restrictive software Sony BMG is using on CD’s, like it did earlier this year with “Stand Up” by the Dave Matthews Band – is not compatible with Apple’s popular iPod. Owners of Apple computers using iPods are able to copy and transfer music on the restricted compact discs freely; the restrictions block PC owners from transferring music to their iPods. But it allows transfers to music players using Microsoft’s Windows software.

Thomas Hesse, president for global digital business at Sony BMG, said Apple could “flick a switch” to amend its programming to work with the restrictive software.

“Its just a proprietary decision by Apple to decide whether to play along or not,” Mr. Hesse said. “I don’t know what more waiting we have to do. We think we need to move this forward. Time is ticking, infringement of intellectual property is happening all over, and we’ve got to put a stop to it I think.”

Apple declined to comment.

[…] Music executives say the restricted CD’s the music industry has released so far – most prominently BMG’s sale of Velvet Revolver’s “Contraband,” last year – have resulted in virtually no consumer complaints. But analysts say that may be because consumers still have such an easy time breaking the restrictions or acquiring the music for free on unrestricted online file-sharing networks.

Still, Mr. Hesse said the introduction of limits on CD’s would set the stage for record companies establish new business models.