Gonzales: Reeducation Plans?

Students Do Not Share Gonzales’ View on Piracy [pdf] (via Jason Schultz at Copyfight)

In his first trip to California as the nation’s attorney general, Alberto R. Gonzales told a group of high school students to just say no to online piracy.

But, for many of the students, the response was to just say “why not?”

During a daylong UCLA seminar featuring Gonzales, students peppered speakers with tough questions about the real effect of piracy. Some even suggested that government should focus more on tackling poverty and improving education than on jailing kids who download movies, music and software.

“Isn’t the government using morality as a means for studios to make millions of dollars?” asked 18-year-old senior Kate Schwartz of Santa Monica’s New Roads High School.

[…] “Sitting through a one-hour, two-hour session may not be enough…. It takes awhile to educate people,” [Gonzales] told reporters later. “And, unfortunately for some people, it will take an example by this department prosecuting people.”

Still, Thursday’s event proved to be a reality check for Gonzales and Hollywood in how hard it will be to discourage bootlegging by today’s tech-savvy kids.

As Jason points out, maybe he’s planning to send people to Gitmo? Or a new sort of extreme rendition? I’m sure that the Attorney General can get someone to whip up a good memo on the subject.