Apple Gets Support From Other Industries

Apple Supported in Online Publishing Dispute

Intel and Genentech filed papers in state court in San Jose, Calif., supporting a ruling permitting Apple to subpoena two online news sites and an e-mail service provider. Apple is seeking to learn who gave the Web sites proprietary information about its GarageBand software, used to record and mix music.

The briefs follow a filing by news organizations, including The Los Angeles Times, arguing that online publishers should be afforded the same protections guaranteed to traditional journalists. Genentech and Intel argue that the case is about the theft of Apple’s trade secrets.

“What happened here wasn’t any kind of protected journalism,” said Steven Hirsch, a lawyer for Genentech. “It was the posting of raw, unmediated stolen property to a Web site. Companies need to be able to take reasonable and limited steps to find out who is stealing their trade secrets and essentially destroying their value by having them posted to the Web.”