2003 May 26

(entry last updated: 2003-05-26 16:58:50)

  • Now, today we offer up a truly peculiar & dumb set of ideas, as outlined in the Boston Globe article Another Spin on Digital Music. [pdf] Penn State, unsurprisingly, is at the heart of this proposal:

    Graham Spanier, president of Pennsylvania State University, wants colleges to license songs and charge students to listen to them online. He has proposed that schools increase each student’s tuition or fees by perhaps a few dollars in exchange for unlimited listening, though the ability to burn songs onto a CD might cost extra.

    Worse, we get this:

    ”I really don’t think they understand or believe that illegal file-sharing is the same thing as going into Tower [Records], grabbing a CD off the rack, and running out the door with it,” said Scott Hervey, chairman of California Bar’s cyberspace law committee.

    Is it possible that Scott Hervey really thinks this? What does that say about the California Bar’s cyberspace law committee?

    And I guess I am also stunned to see that cable TV is already included in Northwestern University’s fees.