Study Shows Ever More Kids Embrace a Plugged-In Lifestyle

Study Shows Ever More Kids Embrace a Plugged-In Lifestyle [pdf]

America’s children are such savvy multitaskers that they pack 8 1/2 hours of media exposure into 6 1/2 hours of each day, seven days a week, reports the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation study.

[…] Regardless of race, in many of those homes, kids’ bedrooms have become media palaces. Sixty-eight percent of all kids have a television in their bedrooms, a statistic which has not significantly changed, but now 54 percent also have VCRs or DVD players, up from 36 percent in 1999, and 37 percent have cable or satellite TV access, up from 29 percent.

[…] “For older teens music has always had a special place,” Rideout says. “Teen TV use drops off and music listening goes up. TV has always gone down as teens are involved in more activities, gain independence and have more mobility.”

In this area, the biggest change from the 1999 study is how teenagers access music, with many more downloading and streaming music and using digital music players such as iPods, Rideout says.

“This is an absolutely significant phenomenon,” she says.