UK Digital Film Distribution

UK pioneers digital film network

Most cinemas currently have mechanical projectors but the new network will see up to 250 screens in up to 150 cinemas fitted with digital projectors capable of displaying high definition images.

The new network will double the world’s total of digital screens.

[…] Each film is about 100 gigabytes and has been compressed from an original one terabyte-size file.

[…] The film will all be encrypted to prevent piracy and each cinema will have an individual key which will unlock the movie.

[…] Digital prints cost less than a traditional 35mm print – giving distributors more flexibility in how they screen films, said Ms Deans.

“It can cost up to £1,500 to make a copy of a print for specialist films. “In the digital world you can make prints for considerably less than that.

“Distributors can then send out prints to more cinemas and prints can stay in cinemas for much longer.”