Something To Track

And to play at, if you have the skills! A project in progress: The Copyfight – documentary on copyright reform. Seems like I’m going to have to get my BitTorrent setup working before April 3.

The aim of The Copyfight is to serve as a link between the scholars’ debate and the general public. Notwithstanding the successes of recent political documentaries, video has traditionally been the most suitable medium for reaching a mass audience. People spend more time watching television than reading the newspapers and listening to radio combined. To reach its objective, The Copyfight will adopt a two-front approach. First, a sixty-minute documentary will be produced and released under a permissive Creative Commons license to allow file-sharing. Second, the website will serve as an index of videos related to copyright reform – be it recorded lectures or moderated debates. Along with the interviews gathered to produce the documentary, these videos will be available for the public to download and edit for their own documentary narrative. Tutorials will be designed to assist in that process.