Boston Globe on “Eyes on the Screen”

Downhill Battle’s protest gets some Boston Globe ink: ‘Eyes’ fight focuses on rights [pdf]

One of the main issues, [Blackside lawyer Sandy] Forman says, is “the debate and battle that’s raging over free access to works like ours. It’s a complicated balancing act, trying to allow for access to copyrighted works at the same time as you protect the rights of copyright holders.”

But for Lawrence Guyot, who was in “Eyes on the Prize” as a civil rights leader in Mississippi, and who supports the screenings, this dispute has everything to do with what he fought for.

“We’re talking about a cultural and national icon,” Guyot said in a telephone interview from Washington. “There’s never been a more key time to revitalize our faith in our ability to impact on every level. I’m not doing anything illegal, I’m persuading people to buy copies and those who have copies to share them, to facilitate as many showings as possible.”