Norwegian Filesharing Conviction Upheld

Norway upholds ‘Napster’ ruling

Frank Allan Bruvik set up the website as part of a school project in 2001 while studying computer engineering in the Norwegian town of Lillehammer.

[…] Bruvik’s site was online between August and November 2001, and while it did not host any music, at its peak it was providing links to more than 170 free files on other servers.

As well as providing links, the site allowed those visiting it to submit links that could later be accessed by other visitors.

A legal complaint for copyright violation was filed by groups including Norway’s performing rights society, Tono, and the Norwegian branches of Sony Music and Universal Music, who saw it as an important test of principle.

[…] [T]he case was decided based on the responsibility for abetting an illegal act, and that Bruvik’s actions were premeditated.

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