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JHymn Goes Behind Atoms and Apple To Bring DRM-Free Music

OSDir.com: What do you have to say in response to those who take issue with hymn? I’m thinking about end users, like iPod/Apple fans, who insist Apple’s DRM is “no big deal” and what you’re doing is “wrong” — not the music labels, who obviously don’t like things like hymn?

[FutureProof]: What I say is that all I’m trying to do is get the same flexibility to use my music that I’d have if I purchased a CD and ripped it myself, and that my efforts aid piracy no more than the existence of CDs aid piracy.

You run into problems using third-party products like EyeHome and Squeezebox and losing authorizations when computers break or crash.

As DRM schemes go, Apple’s is, I must say, one of the best for end users. But that’s like saying “the handcuffs are mighty comfortable handcuffs.”

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