The Music Industry Mindset

So, how to reconcile the music industry’s desire to use the latest and greatest technology to promote music, while complaining about the latest and greatest technology’s influence upon their distribution models? On the one hand, they love innovation; on the other, they wish it would go away. “Who is John Galt?”

This CNN article describes/promotes the Fraunhofer Institut’s latest MP3 variant, but the real issue is about more than just the delivery medium: Music’s future: Smaller, faster, richer [pdf]

[T]echnology is an increasing part of the business, especially as consumers show an unquenchable appetite for on-demand and on-the-go music.

[…] After a four-year slump, global sales of recorded music increased last year largely through the success of fee-charging online services and the expansion of portable music devices like Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod.

Now, music industry honchos hope gadget makers, software powerhouses like Microsoft and cell phone companies will help deliver tunes to a fee-paying public.

Perhaps the biggest debate is how listeners will receive their music. With digitized music increasingly delivered through the Internet or mobile phone, the CD could one day go the way of the 8-track.

Especially if it means that pesky RIPping can be taken out of the picture, right?