2003 April 20

(entry last updated: 2003-04-20 17:43:10)

  • Today’s Boston Globe Magazine has an article on one of the sordid side stories of Napster: The Man Who Hijacked Napter [pdf] – an excerpt from a book that I have ordered from Amazon, but seems to have gone astray: All the Rave: The Rise and Fall of Shawn Fanning’s Napster

    The article is largely a slam on Shawn Fanning’s uncle John, the money man in the background. An important tale for anyone who thinks that venture money is easy – firm valuation is a terribly ugly negotiation when the money gets serious, and of course the ones with the cash are going to negotiate hard – irrespective of the family relationships – hire a real negotiator if you’re going to be in this sort of situation!

  • Donna posted some great stuff late Friday – check it out – Especially Pirates and Posses: The Battle over Digital Copyright. As a Heritage Foundation product, it should be clear where the lecture is going to come down, but it’s important to read this to see what the tenor of the discussion is becoming. Alec French is there with the next thrust on P2P.