2003 April 11

(entry last updated: 2003-04-11 23:17:58)

I’m learning a lot about what life looks like online from the viewpoint of a dialup user – time for a WWW site redesign for Furdlog when I get back – after I catch up, of course.

  • Apple wants to buy Universal Music from Vivendi? A new paradigm? The cited LATimes article is a little more informative thatn the NYTimes’ Reuters newswire

    Jobs’ interest in owning a music company comes at a time when the record companies believe that piracy has decimated CD sales around the world, shrinking revenue nearly 25% since 2000. Last year, Jobs infuriated the industry with Apple’s “rip, mix, burn” marketing campaign, which many executives believed promoted piracy of music on Apple’s computers, though Jobs insisted that the technology was meant only for legal copying.

    People close to Jobs say he is convinced that the music industry is about to turn a corner in the copyright war. With the government shutting down pirate Web sites and the record industry now going after individuals for alleged piracy, the Apple chief believes digital theft will become increasingly more complicated, prompting fans to migrate to legitimate services, sources said.

    Analysts believe that the 48-year-old Jobs will have to do more than make legal downloading easy. They say he also will have to slash prices, possibly to as little as 10 cents per song, to persuade consumers, many of whom have grown accustomed to free downloads, to buy music from Apple.

    This is actually a little troubling. Note that the article says that Jobs is assuming that the value in Vivendi will be developed through draconian copy protection technologies – not because of a value generated as much as a penalty avoided. Profit at the point of a gun is no more sustainable a business model than the one he appears to be trying to displace.

  • Hoorah for the NYTimes, pointing out that Cooperstown has managed to confuse patriotism with the muzzling of debate on topics of import to all citizens.