Some Exeem Hints

A new hope for BitTorrent?

Last week, the head of that now-defunct site [Suprnova], a man known as “Sloncek,” officially announced the Exeem project in an interview on the NovaStream Webcasting network. He said that it would be a modified version of the popular BitTorrent technology, but transformed into a decentralized, searchable network similar to Kazaa or eDonkey.

[…] “The system seems to work pretty well,” said Simon Bauman, who operates the Web site and has tried the software for several weeks. “It seems faster than other peer-to-peer programs right now, but with only 5,000 people, it’s hard to really gauge it.”

Official confirmation of the Exeem program, released at a time when BitTorrent Web sites are under aggressive legal attack from Hollywood, raises the potential of mass migration for the millions of people around the world who have grown accustomed to using the technology to download movies, TV shows, music and software.